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This is the big one! Mojo radio (Previously 360GamerCast) has made it to 300 episodes.

This is an episode of two halves! The first half features Webby, Colly, Peebs, Switch, Macksimus and Dan.

The second half features Webby, Dan, Tim and Stuntmaster.

We hope you enjoy our 300th special!

You can find us at

@Mojo_int @Webby317

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In this weeks show the crew discuss Titanfall in great detail.

Webby gives the low down on his recent PS4 purchase!

Games discussed include Titanfall, Lightning Returns, Outlast, Killzone Shadowfall and much more.

You can find us at

Twitter @Mojo_int @Webby317


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In this weeks show the crew celebrate the 6 year anniversary of the podcast with lots of listener questions.

Games discussed include BF4, The Banner Saga, Gran Turismo 6, Forza 5 and much more....

You can find us at

on Twitter @Mojo_int @Webby317

Email the show at

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In this weeks show we give a shout out to the newly departed Weekend Confirmed and wish them the best for the future.

The crew discuss Olli Olli, Forza 5, BF4, NFS, Torchlight 2, Banner Saga and much more.

You can email us with any comments or questions.

You can find us on twitter @Webby317 @Mojo_int

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