Mark's Gaming Den

In this weeks show the crew discuss The Order 1886 at great length.

Other games discussed include:

  1. Horizon 2

  2. The Crew

  3. Halo MCC

  4. GTA Online

  5. How to Survive

  6. DoA 5

  7. Hand of Fate

  8. Alien Isolation

  9. Far Cry 4

  10. Sniper Elite 3

  11. Sunset Overdrive

  12. AC Unity Dead Kings

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In this weeks show CinemaDan is in charge. Anything could happen.


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In this weeks show Colly Wolly shows off his gangsta rapping skills.

Games discussed include: Horizon 2, IDARB, Dragon Age, Dying Light, Resident Evil and much more.

We hope you enjoy the show!

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In this weeks show the crew give you the low down on how to game share on the Xbox One.

Lot's of games discussed including Life is Strange, Horizon 2, Fahrenheit and much more

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