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I finally get to talk about The Division 2, I have been wanting to discuss this game since its release. My guest today is Elizabeth who runs her own Division 2 clan. We review the game and have a good chat about its plus and minus points.

Division 2 discord link:

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This week Mark and Nicky discuss their favourite games from the Final Fantasy series and Distant Worlds which was held in London the previous weekend.

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In this weeks show Mark and Rooski discuss Gaming Journalism and how it has changed over the years for the better and the worse. This is also the first MGD to include out-takes where Mark discusses his love for the Metro series, they both talk about the Sonic trailer and Rooski gushes over Astroneer. Enjoy!

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This is a very quick episode just to share my excitement for the new Final Fantasy VII trailer and the announcement of Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Enjoy!

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In this weeks show Mark, Paul and Alex discuss Retro Gaming, Collecting and Arcades. This is a show not to be missed. Enjoy!

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