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In this very special episode we discuss the BAFTA Video Game Awards and have interviews with Jonathan Ross, Ian Livingstne, TellTale Games and Rhianna Practhett.

The crew discuss the the failure of the Sim City launch and DRM in general. Games discussed include Tomb raider, Battlefield 3 and much more.

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In this weeks show the crew discuss Battlefield 3 epic gamer nights, Crysis 3, Metal Gear Rising, Tomb Raider and much more.

A very drunken episode which derails the show slightly with comical effects.

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In this special mid week show we discuss everything from the Playstation 4 conference and the other news that has come out since. We hope you enjoy.

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In this weeks episode the crew discuss the new Bungie title Destiny, Battlefield 3, BLOPS 2, Aliens and much more.

We have two community members join us this week which leads to some pretty funny conversations about toilets.

We hope you enjoy the show and please don't forget you can email us your questions to

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This weeks podcast is extra special as it is our 250th episode and our 5th birthday. 5 years is a long time in the podcasting world and many podcasts never achieve such a great feat. We would like to thank all our listeners and community members for making 360G such an awesome and friendly place to be.

We hope you enjoy the show and we hope to see you guys and girls for another 250 episodes.

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In this weeks show Webby and Colin talk about their love for Ni No Kuni and the Japanese craziness. Other games discussed incluse Dark Souls, Sim City, The Cave and much more.

Loads of great questions this week, keep them coming by emailing

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