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All the crew are here this week. Webby, Colly, Switch, Elliot, Paul, Dan and Peebs. We ask the community what they do for a living and we get lots of varied responses. Thanks to everyone who commented.


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The crew discusses their GOTY's from 2017

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Xmas special for 2017

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In this weeks show we have community guest GOONRIDER join us. Unbelievably he started listening to us when he was 13 years old, he is now 22, makes us feel very old. We discuss PUBG on xbox, lots of Switch games and just have a good time. We hope you enjoy the show!

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In this weeks show we continue with the community guests. We have Marc (SP4RT4N360) join us for this show. We discuss many of the latest and greatest games and how to game with kids. 

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In this weeks show we start off with Rooski Doo as our first of weekly community guests. We have a great show discussing Elite Dangerous, 4k, 1440p, Forza, Nioh, Assassins Creed and much more. Community nights are coming back in fashion thanks to Bollo so make sure you join our facebook group.

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In this weeks show we have the return of CinemaDan and Colly Wolly along with Webby, Darren and Stunty. This is one awesomely long show with good times had by all.

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In this weeks show the crew discuss the latest and greatest games.

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In this weeks show the crew discuss the latest games including Gran Turismo, Forza 7, Wolfenstein, AC Origins and much more. 


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In this week show Webby and Switch discuss Southpark The Fractured but Whole, Middle Earth Shadow of War, Gran Turismo and much more. Enjoy!

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