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Sorry we got the show up later than usual this week. Alex returns with some more retro goodness and we talk the latest and greatest games. Enjoy!

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In this weeks show Alex makes a return to tell us about the legend of a rare Nintendo game named Sky Skipper. We discuss retro gaming and then we get into the present and discuss the latest games we have been playing. 

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In this weeks show we have a retro Nintendo arcade collector join us to talk about how much the Switch is going to be amazing. Webby disagrees and a heated debate rages on with the crew.

The latest games are also discussed.


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In this show Webby, Stunty and Switch discuss the latest games and have some good banter. Enjoy!

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In this weeks show, Webby, Sly, Hogarth and Colly discuss the latest games they have played including many PC games. Enjoy!

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This is our game of the year special. We hope you enjoy!

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Welcome to our first show of 2017. We discuss the latest and greatest games that we have been playing over the holiday and stay tuned for next weeks GOTY special

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Enjoy the latest episode of Mojo Radio and we will see you again in the new year. Cheers!

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This week the crew discuss many games including Watchdogs 2 and Webby's new found addiction of EVE online.


We hope you enjoy the show!

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Second week in a row that the crew has lived streamed on twitch and it seems to be going well with questions coming in from the channel.

Loads of games discussed this week with Dan falling asleep.


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