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The crew this week are Webby, Peebs, Sly, Switch and Dan. They discuss lots of games including Dark Souls and Forza.

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In this weeks episode we have Colly, Tim, Sly, Switch, Dan and Webby. The crew have a good old moan about the Division and discuss the latest games.

Drunken antics ahoy in the out-takes!

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In this week show we discuss Dark Souls 3 and laugh at Stunty for not being able to pronounce a certain word.

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Just the three hosts this week! Games discussed include Quantum Break, DIRT Rally, Battleborn beta and much more.

We hope you enjoy the show!

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In this weeks show the crew discuss many games including The Division, Trackmania Turbo, Guilty Gear and much more

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Loads of games discussed with Dan's Vegas exploits revealed

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The Division love in this week with Webby, Switch and Phil. Some other games are also discussed.

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Loads of the crew are on this week including Webby, Peebs, Dan, Stunty, Mack, Colly, AJ, Switch.

Loads of games discussed including PvZ, FFXIV, Wolfenstein, Sherlock Holmes and much more.

We hope you enjoy the show!

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In this weeks show Peebs makes his return and tells us what he has been up to. Lots of games discussed, we hope you enjoy!

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This weeks podcast is awesome as always but we did have some minor skype hiccups along the way!

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