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In this weeks show the crew discuss the PS VITA, Dark Souls, Defiance, Army of Two and much more.

Loads of great out-takes this week so make sure you listen to them all.

We hope you enjoy the show and please don't forget to send us your questions on twitter to #MOJOQ or email

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This is our Dark Souls special podcast recorded in October 2011 which was lost in the Abyss to a hosting move. Enjoy!!!

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In this weeks show the crew argue about Defiance and discuss Bioshock Infinite, Battle Block Theatre, Dust an Elysian Tale, PS VITA and much more.

Out-Takes from old shows are included as we take a trip down memory lane.

We hopw you enjoy the show and please don't forget to send us those impprtant 5 star itunes reviews and to send us questions to the twitter #MOJOQ or email

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This weeks episode is the British crew discussing Bioshock Infinite in great detail. Sniper Ghost Warrior 2, Terreria, Gears of War Judgment are also discussed.

We have the out takes from some very old episodes included in this show which we hope you enjoy.

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In this weeks show the crew discuss the up and coming site and podcast changes. The games discussed include Sniper Ghost Warrior 2, BF3 End Game, Walking Dead Survival and much more.

Included in the out-takes is episode 1 of 360GamerCast as we reminisce on old times.

We hope you enjoy the show!!!

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The teaser trailer for the up and coming website changes

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In this very special episode we discuss the BAFTA Video Game Awards and have interviews with Jonathan Ross, Ian Livingstne, TellTale Games and Rhianna Practhett.

The crew discuss the the failure of the Sim City launch and DRM in general. Games discussed include Tomb raider, Battlefield 3 and much more.

We hope you enjoy the show and please don't forget to leave us those amazing 5 star itunes review and to visit our sponsor for a free audio book.

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In this weeks show the crew discuss Battlefield 3 epic gamer nights, Crysis 3, Metal Gear Rising, Tomb Raider and much more.

A very drunken episode which derails the show slightly with comical effects.

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In this weeks episode the crew discuss Battlefield 3 being the community shooter of choice. Crysis 3 and Metal Gear Rising get a short review from Webby and Colly Wolly is back to tell us all about Bovril.

We hope you enjoy the show and please don't forget to email us your podcast questions to

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In this special mid week show we discuss everything from the Playstation 4 conference and the other news that has come out since. We hope you enjoy.

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