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In this weeks show the crew discuss all the goings on from EGX 2017, Forza 7, Cuphead, GT Sport and much more. Join the discussion in our discord group

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BE WARNED. Webby's side of the recording went rather weird this week throughout the whole show. Listen at your own peril.

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In this weeks show Alex makes his return and talks about his adventures in France, almost getting killed rescuing some old arcade machines from a dilapidated house. We also discuss the latest craze which is Destiny 2 and a few other games. Enjoy!

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In this weeks show, Webby, Wes, Switch and Dan discuss the latest and greatest games and Webby reveals a surprise.


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In this weeks show the crew discuss the latest and greatest games including Sonic Mania, PUBG, Rainbow Six, Forza, Mario kart, Zelda, Splatoon and much more. 

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This is our last show of the Summer. We will be back in September. In this weeks show we talk about the latest and greatest games on all platform. 

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In this weeks show Wes joins us to talk about his adventures inside the Oculus Rift. We discuss many games and have a good old time. 

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In this weeks show Alex joins us to chat about his trip to the USA to unveil Sky Skipper to the world. 

We also discuss the latest and greatest games, everyone seems to be obsessed with the Nintendo Switch right now!

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In this weeks show the crew discuss many games including Overwatch, Battlefield 1, BFBC2, BF4, PUBG, GTA V and much more.

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This is our E3 special, discussing all the conferences and news straight from E3. Enjoy!

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